Setting up syncing

Prep & Pantry can sync your inventory between multiple devices. While the device is connected to the internet, syncing occurs in the background, real-time. A change made on one device will appear moments later on the second device.

Syncing happens as a group. You can create a group and allow others to join or, by being provided an existing group's information, join their group.

Group members can be anyone from family members to employees to members of a volunteer group. The only requirements is to have Prep & Pantry installed and internet access either through WIFI or their mobile service provider.

Your inventory is automatically backed up to the server when you are a member of a group, just join the group and the current inventory data will be downloaded to your device. No need for any of the other group members to be online.

Creating a Group

To create a group, start by tapping Create Group from the Syncing page. This will open a window asking for the group name, group password, and an email address.

  • Group Name may only be comprised of lowercase characters (a-z), numbers (0-9), or underscore ( _ ). No spaces are allowed.
  • Passwords cannot be left blank and spaces are not allowed.
  • Email address is optional and is only used for resetting the password. This is important ,the password cannot be reset if you do not enter an email address that you own.

Make sure you are connected to the internet before filling in the requested information. When done tap "Create Group". Prep & Pantry will then contact the server and check the submitted information.

If your requested Group Name is available it will be created on the server and Prep & Pantry will automatically join your newly created group, syncing the inventory data on your device with the server.

While the syncing happens in the background, please note that depending on the number of entries in your database and the speed of the connection, this could take several minutes to complete.

Joining a Group

Note: When joining a group a potentially large amount of data will need to be downloaded initially. This can be extremely slow (and costly) if you are using only a mobile data connection. A WIFI internet connection is recommended for best performance.

To join an existing group, fill in the Group Name and Password fields on the Syncing page first, then tap "Join Group". (Make sure you are connected to the internet before filling in the group information otherwise Prep & Pantry will not allow you to continue.)

First you will be presented the option to either Use the Group Data, Merge the Data, or Cancel.

  • Using the Group Data will remove ALL of your current inventory data before downloading the group inventory data. This means that everything including any Tags, Locations, or items in the Cart List will be overwritten with the group data.
  • Merging the Data will do just that, it will combine both the group data and your current device data. If there is any duplicate data, that data will then show up twice. For example if you have "Acme Beans" in your inventory and the group inventory also has "Acme Beans" the combined list will now have two entries of Acme Beans.

Prep & Pantry will check the internet connection then contact the server. If the provided information is correct you will be joined to the group and the group inventory data will start downloading and syncing to your device. A counter will appear on the screen and show you the syncing status.

Please note that depending on the number of entries in your database and the speed of the connection, this could take several minutes to complete.

Resetting the Password

Tap Reset Password located in the bottom right corner of the Syncing page. Resetting the password is a three step process.

  • First fill in the Group Name field and tap "Get Reset Code". Prep & Pantry will look-up the email address that was entered when the group was created and send a RESET CODE to that address.
  • Second, after receiving the reset code at the designated email address, copy or write down the 10 digit alphanumeric code, you will need to provide this in the final step.
  • Finally, from the Get Reset Code page, tap the "I have a reset code already" button.Enter the Group Name, the 10 digit reset code you just received, and the new password. Tap the "Reset Password" button when each field has been filled in. Prep & Pantry will reconfirm the group name with the reset code and then resets the password. A completion screen will appear when the reset finishes successfully.

Remember, if an email address was not provided during the initial group creation, the password reset cannot be accomplished. There is no work-around for this. Tech support cannot bypass this requirement.

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