Adding non-barcode items

A common misconception has been that a barcode is required for every entry. Each item does require a unique identifier; this is how the database filing system works, however, there are several options for identifying an entry. For items that do not even have barcodes or if you prefer to catalog items by something other than a barcode, you can enter the item name or make up a unique identifier instead. You can track bananas if you want to! Later, you can look up the item by name, tag, barcode, OR that unique ID.

To enter an item without a barcode, tap on the 'enter barcode number' field. A keyboard will appear. Tap the 'No Barcode' button just above the keyboard. Prep & Pantry will create a new blank item and assign a unique identifier to it, automatically.

To enter an item using an ID you assign, tap the 'abc' button on the tool bar. You can now enter letters or numbers. Use "bananas" to track, well, bananas. This also works well for homemade meals that are individually frozen, bulk quantities that you individually package, canned goods, etc. "Single-Serv-Lasagna-1", "Chicken-qtrs", "Strawberries-pint-summer2010", "Canned-peaches-2011".

Tip: On the bulk items that you individually package mark the ID you assigned as well as the Use By date i.e. "Single-Serve-Lasagna, Use by 23-March-2013".

To add or remove an item without having to enter a barcode or item ID, tap the spyglass icon (ether the green Add Item screen or the red Remove Item screen). From there you can scroll to the desired item or search for an item by it's name, tag, barcode, or unique ID. This works for both adding and removing Items.

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