Handheld laser scanners

Prep & Pantry will work with handheld bluetooth scanners that support Bluetooth HID. Here are a few of the known supported scanners:

  • Socket Bluetooth CHS 7Xi / 7XiRx
  • KDC200i Laser Barcode Data Collector
  • KDC300i Imager Barcode Data Collector
  • Opticon OPN-2002 Bluetooth Barcode Memory Scanner
  • CT10 - Excellent and inexpensive. See below.

A commonly available and affordable handheld scanner is the CT10. It can usually be found for about 60(USD) and works great with Prep & Pantry.

To put the CT10 in OSK Mode (on-screen keyboard mode) where you can use both the laser scanner and the onscreen keyboard simultaneously just pull the scan trigger twice in quick succession. (iOS only. OSK Mode is automatic on Android devices.)

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