Shopping List management

Quick Add

The Quick Add button is an easy way to add additional items. You will find the Quick Add button in several places; the bottom right corner of the Add Item, Add Existing, and Item Detail screens, top of the Cart Shopping List.



Tap it and you can quickly add an additional quantity of the item you are currently viewing. Set the additional quantity, location, and expiration, tap Save and you are done! This works great for when you have several quantity of an item with differing expiration dates and/or locations. Try it and you'll see!

On the Cart Shopping List screen, Quick Add is a quick way to add items to your shopping list. You can add items from your inventory or non-inventory items.


You may have noticed when you add an item to your inventory, one of the optional fields is Qm. This is for setting the Minimum Quantity for an item and can be set to work as the trigger for when an item is added to the Shopping List.

By default all items start out set with a minimum quantity of zero and the each item will be automatically added to the cart when removed from inventory.

To change how items are added to the cart go to Settings tab> Settings and Options> Cart Auto Add. There is an On/Off switch. Make sure the switch is in the OFF position then Qm will take over the job of putting items in the cart.

Leave Qm set to zero (to indicate no minimum) and that item will NOT automatically be added to the Shopping List.

Alternately, set Qm to a number greater than zero, for example 4. When you remove an item from your inventory and the total quantity on hand falls below your Qm, that amount is added to the Shopping List. So for our example, if your Total Quantity is 5 and you remove two, only one is added to the Shopping List because the Total Quantity is now 3, which is one below the Minimum Quantity of 4.

Clearing the Shopping List

There are two ways to remove items from the Shopping List.

Swipe the line to delete an item directly from the Shopping List. (In iOS 6 you swipe from left to right. In iOS 7 it is from right to left.)

Go to the Settings tab> Settings and Options [(android) Configure Settings and Options] and select Clear Cart. This will remove all the items from the cart.

Email the List

Tap the Envelope icon located in the menu and your shopping list will be inserted into an email message needing only an email address before sending it on it's way.

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