Why do I have to re-scan the items in my Cart?

aka Why do I have to re-scan an item on my shopping list to move it back into inventory?

There are actually several reasons for needing to scan an item back into the inventory, but it really comes down to having an accurate inventory.

  • The item has a new expiration date.
  • The manufacturer might have changed barcode numbers (it does happen!)
  • You might have purchased a slightly different product from what was on the shopping list, purposely or by accident. (Lite Canned Peaches instead of Peaches in Heavy Syrup)
  • What was the quantity purchased? (Only needed one but you bought three because it was on sale.)
    What location is the item stored in? (Put one in the kitchen and those two extra will go in the pantry.)
  • Keep in mind that you will not need to re-enter the item's specific information. You do however need to confirm the item expiration date, location, and quantity.

For people that keep a super minimalist inventory (one item, one location, nothing with an expiration date), re-scanning the item is still super easy. Just scan the barcode and tap Done. Everything is filled in by default.

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