Change the Location, Expiration, Quantity

In the inventory there is the item, then there is the subset of that item consisting of an item's Location, Expiration and Quantity. In short this is referred to as LEQ.

Note - Manually adjusting an item's quantity will NOT add that quantity to the Cart list. To add items to the Cart list the item needs to be removed through the Remove Items screen.

An item's LEQ is found on the Item Detail screen reached through any of the view options on the List tab.

  1. Using view A-Z for an example, find the item in the list view by either scrolling to the item's list location or by entering the name or tag in the search bar.
  2. Select the item and the Item Detail screen is presented.
  3. Below the item details is the LEQ section. Do not press 'edit' if you are changing the LEQ.

From here there are two ways to modify the items LEQ:

Tap the line to modify the LEQ (iOS and Android)

Tap the line you wish to modify to show the Edit LEQ screen.

To change the expiration date for this subset of items tap the expiration date row.

To move items from one location to another tap the location row.

To change the quantity tap the quantity row.

To move a partial amount of items from one location to another, set the quantity row to the quantity you wish to move to the new location then set the desired location.

IMPORTANT! If you change the expiration date AND the quantity, you are then editing the item information NOT moving items. Changing the location is the trigger that tells Prep & Pantry that you want to edit an item, not move it.

Swipe to delete the LEQ (iOS only)

Swipe to delete will remove the sub items listed quickly. In the above example, there is only one item that expires on 24 Feb 2014 at the Home location. This will be completely removed and the total quantity (Qt) updated accordingly.

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