The straight forward Privacy Policy

  1. Prep & Pantry does NOT collect any personal data.
  2. Your inventory data is NOT shared with anyone else.
  3. Yes, when you create your sync group you are asked to OPTIONALLY provide an email address ONLY if you want to be able to reset your sync group password. This email address is NOT shared with anyone in any way.
  4. Your sync group name is as anonymous as you want it to be. The sync group password is stored in an encrypted form and Galaloo LLC has no means by which to decrypt it. If you forget your password and you opted out of providing your email address, Galaloo LLC cannot recover it.
  5. Specific location data is NOT collected. General location data is collected anonymously in order to know in what countries Prep & Pantry is being used.
  6. Some usage data is collected anonymously. Specifically this is to help determine how many users are upgrading from versions 1.x and to notify us when there are problems with the UPC look-up timing out. (When the 1.x upgrades drop to zero a large section of storage hogging code will then be removed.)
  7. Your device's UUID is NOT collected or even looked at by Prep & Pantry.

  8. Here it is in legalese: TRUSTe Prep & Pantry Privacy Policy

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