Removing items from inventory

There are two ways to remove items from inventory, through the red Remove Items screen (recommended) or by editing an item's Location/Expiration/Quantity (LEQ).

Why would you want to use the red Remove Items screen to remove items from inventory? First, it's super easy. Second, it's how items get added to the cart automatically.

To remove an item through the red Remove Items screen, tap the red Remove Items button near the bottom of the Scan window or swipe the green Add Items screen left. Presented is a screen nearly identical to the Add Items screen. From the Remove Items screen you can manually enter item barcodes or scan item barcodes to remove items from inventory.

After the barcode is entered you will be presented with the Remove Item detail screen. Below the item detail portion of the screen the LEQ subset is presented as shown here.

These are the items grouped by location and listed by expiration dates. The Qty is the count of items in the specific location with a specific expiration date. Tap the red Remove button to increment the count of items to be removed. Tapping the green '+' button will undo it if you tapped the Remove button too many times. Tap Save when finished.

Know the item that needs to be removed but don't have the barcode number? No problem! Tap the spyglass icon in the top right corner of the Remove Items screen. From there you can scroll to the desired item or search for an item by it's name, tag, barcode, or unique ID. This works for both adding and removing Items.

See also Change the Location, Expiration, Quantity

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