Installing on Multiple Devices

With both Apple's App Store and the Google Play store, purchases are tied to the user ID your device is registered to. Any devices that are registered to the same Apple or Google Play ID that was used to purchase the original copy will be able to download and install additional copies free of charge.

Buy a copy on one device, all other devices registered with that same ID can also install it without having to purchase an additional copy from that store. Keep in mind that the Apple App Store and Google Play are different stores and purchase at one store do not transfer to the other store.

For example, Dad has an iPhone registered to his user ID at the App Store. Mom has both an iPhone and an iPad, both are registered to her user ID at the App Store. Their son, Junior, has an Android phone. For everyone to have Prep & Pantry installed on each of their devices, three copies would need to be purchased. Dad would have to buy one copy for his iPhone. Mom would have to buy one copy also but she can install it on BOTH her iPhone and her iPad. Junior would have to purchase his own copy from the Google Play store under his own ID.

Family Sharing (iOS)

If you have an Apple device and Family Sharing set up you can purchase a single copy of Prep & Pantry and everyone in your Family Share can install it free of charge. There is a catch though, Apple doesn't support sharing in-app purchases. What this means is that Prep & Pantry Lite cannot be shared because the full feature-set is unlocked through an in-app purchase. Only the Full version of Prep & Pantry can be shared.

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