Getting Started

Short version:
  1. Enter the item barcode from the Add Items screen.
  2. Enter the item name, select the location, set the expiration date.
  3. Save
  4. Items in your inventory can be viewed by selecting the List tab.
  5. Remove an item from inventory by selecting 'Remove Items' from the Scan tab.
  6. Enter the item barcode, scan the item, or select the item through the spyglass.
  7. Items are listed here by location and expiration.
  8. Enter the quantity you wish to remove then select 'Save'.
  9. The item is added to your shopping list available through the Cart tab.

You begin using Prep & Pantry by entering your first item on the opening screen, the green Add Items screen. You can scan an item, enter a barcode manually, or select 'No Barcode' to enter items that do not have a barcode.

Make your entry selection and you will be taken immediately to the Add New Item screen. If you scanned the item or entered the barcode manually, Prep & Pantry will check the online database for a match. If a match is found the item name will be filled in automatically. If the item is not in the database, you will be given the option to submit the item information to the online database when your entry is complete.

After the item name is filled in, only two more fields are required for this first entry. The item's location and the expiration date.

Set the location by selecting 'Set item location'. You will need to set up your first location on the following screen by selecting '+Add Locations'. Fill in the location name along with any additional information you wish to record then tap 'Done'. You will be returned to the Locations list. Select the location from the list and you are returned to the Add New Item screen.

Select 'Set expiration date' to set the date. This is date of use / use by date / inspect by date / expiration date; however you wish to think of it. Optionally you can select 'Does not expire'.

Tap 'Save' and your first item is saved to your inventory. You can view your inventory by selecting the List tab. Here you will find your different list view options. Alphbetical, by expiration date, by location, and by tag. By default the A-Z list is shown. Select your item to view the details.

To remove an item from inventory you follow much of the same process. Return to the Scan tab and select Remove Items. You will be shown the red Remove Item screen. Find your item by entering the barcode, scanning it, or by selecting the item though the Spyglass list view.

After looking up the item you are taken to the item detail screen. Items are listed here by location and expiration. Going by this, enter the quantity of items you wish to remove then select 'Save'. By default the item is removed from inventory and put into your shopping list, viewable through the Cart tab.

There are various options that may be set that can streamline Prep & Pantry further. These can be found through the Setting tab> Settings and Options. I highly recommend looking at your options here. For help with these options see the help (info) found there.

That is Prep & Pantry in a nutshell. For more articles regarding the various features and common questions please see

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