iGroup is short for Item Group or, alternately, Ingredient Group. Use iGroups to keep like items inventoried together as a group. This is a great way to inventory items regardless of the brand. 
Items that belong to an iGroup will now have their minimum quantity based on the iGroup's minimum quantity. When an iGroup item is added to the Cart List the iGroup name put on the list instead of the brand specific item. 
In the near future Prep & Pantry will have a companion recipe app that will offer you the ability to link the recipe ingredients to your inventory, iGroups are what will make that link happen.

Manage iGroups(iOS)
Adding iGroups
Tap '+', a pop-up window will appear. Enter the name iGroup you wish to add and the minimum quantity you wish to keep.

Search for iGroup
Enter the iGroup you are searching for into the box.

'On' will will show the built-in iGroup suggestions along with your iGroups.'Off' will only show your iGroups.

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