Prep & Pantry for the Desktop

File this under "Why didn't I think of this before?" There are a number of applications that let you run Android apps on a PC and here are a couple of options. 

First is Gennymotion. This is what I use to test Prep & Pantry with. It's fast and it works really well especially now that the current release of Prep & Pantry supports barcode scanning with a webcam. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The current version of Prep & Pantry 1(989) is confirmed working.

Second up is BlueStacks. Install the program on your Windows computer. Log into the Google Play store. Download/install Prep & Pantry. Disco, you're set. Prep & Pantry on your PC. I've never used it but I've read good things. Previous versions of Prep & Pantry didn't seem to work, maybe the current one will now that I fixed the barcode scanner support. 


Gennymotion is what I use to test Prep & Pantry for Android and it really works well. The current Android release of Prep & Pantry even supports using the webcam to scan barcodes!

Gennymotion is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it's free. 

Install the Gennymotion emulator
Go to and select "Get Gennymotion". Under the Free column select "Download" and follow the download instructions.

Open Gennymotion on your computer once it is installed. You'll have to log into your Gennymotion account.

Once the Gennymotion app is open select "Add" and choose a device to install. Install one of the Android virtual devices running Jellybean (4.3), I suggest the Google Nexus - 4 - 4.3 API 18. It will take a few minutes to download and install. When it's finished the device you chose will show up under "Your virtual devices".

Select your device and click "Start".

Install Google Services
I recommend following the guide on this page to install Google Services:

Be sure to update the Google apps right away to get rid of the "XXX has stopped" messages.

Install Prep & Pantry
Go to Apps and open the Google Play store, search for and install Prep & Pantry.

Use your webcam to scan barcodes
On the emulator's right hand menu bar select the webcam icon. It looks like this:

Set to "ON". Then set the back webcam. Close the window.

Gennymotion installation support:!/support#faq


Now I need a volunteer; who wants to do a write-up to share with everyone? I don't have a Windows PC. It would be super awesome if someone would try the BlueStacks method and report back so I can share it with the whole community.

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